Speaking Topics

Ethics for Exponential Technologies

Exponential technologies hold the power to transform our world and thus raise profound ethical questions about their use and the kind of world we should seek to create. This talk will introduce three distinct ethical traditions that provide frameworks for navigating ethical landscape: utilitarianism, deontology and virtue ethics. We will discuss emerging ethical issues arising from the development of self-driving cars, bioinformatics, internet of things, social networks and, more broadly, the rise of artificial intelligence. 

Environmentalism’s Fourth Wave: AI for Sustainability

AI is not only the most important technology of our time, it is also the greatest tool in our arsenal for tackling environmental global grand challenges. In addition to covering the fundamentals of AI, this talk will explain how the combination of sensors, networks and machine learning is allowing groups to monitor, predict and, ultimately, protect the environment like never before. Topics include: computer vision, small satellites, predictive maintenance, intelligent infrastructure, sensor fusion and ubiquitous intelligence.

Intelligence Unboxed: The Internet of Things Revolution

The internet of things (IoT) is about a lot more than smart thermostats and connected cameras. In this talk, you’ll learn how IoT is bringing machine intelligence out of the box and into the world through the confluence of smart sensors, networked computing, big data and deep learning. The IoT revolution is disrupting industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, delivering billions of dollars in value today and trillions of dollars of value in the years to come. But who will be the winners, and who will be the losers? And will IoT be a technology of liberation, or domination?Topics will include: smart sensors and sensor fusion, networked computing, big data, artificial intelligence/ machine learning/deep learning, predictive maintenance, generative design, computer vision, autonomous systems, wearables, cyber warfare, machine deception.

Big Data and Beyond: AI for Enterprise

AI has been called the most significant invention since electricity, and yet few people can provide a coherent definition! We live in an era when, for the first time, machines are creating more information than humans — by many orders of magnitude! Learn how your organization can utilize AI to ride this data wave. In this talk, you will hear from a speaker with first hand experience advising, designing and implementing enterprise-scale AI for some of the largest organizations on earth. From neural networks to edge computing, we will go beyond the hype to understand the exponential trends that are fueling the AI revolution, and how businesses, non-profits and governments can leverage AI to fundamentally transform their organization.